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Full-stack web3 security tools delivered by top-tier ethical hackers with a focus on the real financial impact


We contribute to the Web3 security by creating the tools that help to automate the security audit.

ABI Decompiler

Reverse Engineering tool that helps you toefficiently match the function selectors in the EVM bytecode to the function signatures.

Contract Diff

Smart diff tool that helps you tounderstand which code the protocol has been forked from and what exactly has been changed.

Semgrep Solidity Rules

Semgrep rules that will help you to find the typical vulnerable patterns in the smart contract code.



Apart from the open source tools, we're developing a comprehensive solution for the Web3 security monitoring and vulnerability assessment


Web3 protocol monitoring solution powered by our transaction analysis engine and our Semgrep SAST rulepack.


More information about our key product DeFiMon

Vulnerability Scanning

We are developing custom-tailored SAST rulepacks to run in CI/CD pipelines as well as over the newly deployed contracts with a very low false-positive rate.

Exploit Detection

DeFiMon includes a high perfomance transaction analysis engine with the rule syntax allows to precisely describe custom rules to alert about the project-specific events and many different types of attacks.


DeFiMon is equipped with the API and different notification types including web hooks and Telegram.


The dashboard contains statistics about the suspicious and bridged funds, real-time exploits, and vulnerabilities detected in code. We constantly monitor various chains to detect hacks and new exploitable issues.

Why Decurity?

We are a team of veteran hackers who dived into the blockchain and smart contract security in the early days. Under our supervision, an audit is not just a filing of the checklist but rather a full-fledged research.

See our public reports on Github to learn more.

About Us

  • Multiple world CTF hacking champions

  • Top-50 hackers worldwide according to HackerOne

  • Discovered critical issues during most of engagements

  • Blockchain security experts with proven record since 2017

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